Animal Control


The City of Spring Hill ensures the safety and well-being of our residents and their pets. Please contact the Police Department for assistance with any questions or concerns regarding animals in Spring Hill.
Rules and regulations for keeping animals in the city are detailed in the Spring Hill Municipal Codes.

Pet Licenses

Spring Hill regulations require that all dogs and cats that are six months of age or older must be licensed. Licenses are due on or before March 1st. If you recently moved to town, please register your pet(s) within 30 days of moving. Licenses may be purchased at City Hall.

Applications for animal licensing must be submitted to City Hall, P.O. Box 424, Spring Hill, KS 66083.

Two Dog Limit Per Household

Each household is limited to two dogs. You may apply to have a third dog by filling out this application and submitting the completed form to City Hall, 401 N. Madison St., P.O. Box 424, Spring Hill, KS 66083.

Please contact the City Clerk at (913) 592-3664 to learn more about the application process to acquire a third dog.

Missing Pets

If your pet is missing, you may call the Spring Hill Police Department at (913) 592-2700 or Kerry's Kennel at (913) 592-3900.