Community Services

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Drug Take Back

DEA has a National Take Back Day biannually where temporary disposal sites are set up across the nation. Some retail pharmacies offer take back of public controlled substances at various locations. Click here for the DEA website for locations near you.

Resident Fingerprinting 

Fingerprinting (by appointment only) is offered to the public for $25 per card at the Spring Hill Police Department. Please call (913) 592-2700 to make your appointment

Block Party Permits

Interesting in hosting a block party? Simply fill out this application and return the completed form to the police department.

Neighborhood Watch

The police department will assist any neighborhoods with implementing the Neighborhood Watch Program.

National Night Out

The Spring Hill Police Department joins agencies across the country in recognizing National Night Out. NNO is an effort that encourages neighborhoods to gather and get to know one another, with a goal of building stronger, safer communities. National Night Out is scheduled for 6-8 p.m. on  August 1, 2023. Registration is free and required each year. Contact for further questions. 

House Watch

The police department offers residents an opportunity to have their homes checked by police patrols during vacations, business travel or other times when residents are away from their home for extended periods of time. Residents must submit the House Watch Report form online or fill out the form in person at the police department. Please do not sign the "Report By" line on the form. 

Community Education Programs

The police department provides a wide range of services to the community. These include, but are not limited to, the following service programs: