Right of Way Permits


Permits are required for work in the right of way, including replacement of a commercial or residential driveway and installation of sprinkler systems.

The right of way is generally the area 10 feet back from the curb, toward a homeowner’s property.

Right of way permits are not required when:

  • Work is permitted under other city permits.
  • Right of way users perform routine service operations that do not require excavation.
  • Right of way users perform routine service operations that do not disrupt traffic for more than four hours.

Apply for a Right of Way permit or view an existing permit online.  

Right of Way Manual of Infrastructure Standards

Dig Safe

The City of Spring Hill and the State of Kansas require all residents and contractors to call the Kansas One-Call system prior to digging.

Please call Kansas One-Call at "811" or 1-800-DIG-SAFE (344-7233) before you dig to have all local utility lines located such as gas, electric, cable and telephone. They require two full business days to complete their line locates before starting to dig. For more information on digging safely, please visit the Kansas One-Call website. 

Keep in mind before starting any excavation project: 

  • Call 811
  • Wait the required amount of time for lines to be located
  • Respect the markings
  • Dig safely!

To request a locate with WaterOne, visit their Request a Locate website or call (913) 895-1806.

Fee schedule

Spring Hill Resolution No. 2019-R-06 establishes a comprehensive list of fees and charges pertaining to the Community Development department as authorized under the Municipal Code of the City of Spring Hill, Kansas. View the full fee schedule. Pages nine through 11 in the fee schedule detail the Right of Way permit fees.

Technical Specifications and Design Criteria

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