Street Department


Streets crews work on Lincoln Street with one side torn up and under constructionThe City's street crews are responsible for maintaining about 100 miles of City streets, including pothole repairs, street paving, crack sealing, snow and ice removal and street striping.

They also maintain the City's crosswalks and the stormwater collection system, which includes regular inspections of drain openings, residential driveway culverts and road ditches. 

Have you noticed a pothole, downed street sign or other street-related concern? Contact the Public Works office at (913) 592-3317 or fill out a Request Tracker Form. We will respond promptly to your request.

For street light outages, please report to Evergy online with the location and pole number if known.

2023 Street Maintenance Program

In 2023, thirteen lane miles in Spring Hill will receive base and surface repairs. Repairs include three types of maintenance with weeks or months between the steps to allow proper cure time. Here is what Spring Hill residents can expect during this project:

  1. Crack Seal - Fill cracks with an asphalt-based product to keep moisture out of the base. Water causes extreme damage to streets if not prevented. 
  2. Base repairs - Problem areas in the streets are milled and filled with hot fix asphalt. Special attention is given to the sides of the road to keep is structurally strong. 
  3. Resurfacing - The entire road is resurfaced with a chip seal or an asphalt overlay. The chip seal is an asphalt emulsion mixture that is covered with small chips to form a bond and prevent water from infiltrating the case and causing potholes or other street damage. The second process that is used is an asphalt overlay when the chip seal is not enough.

Multiple contracted companies are conducting work on the project. The City of Spring Hill has a map of streets included in this year's street maintenance program.