Trash Containers

Beginning October 2, 2023, Waste Management will begin delivering trash and recycling cars to all customers. 

Spring Hill is transitioning to automated trucks, so all homes will be supplied with trash and recycling carts. Utilizing the carts is mandatory as they work with the new automated trucks. 

Placement of Trash Containers

On trash collection day please ensure:

  • Containers are placed as close to the curb as possible.
  • Carts are at least three feet away from other objects such as cars, mailboxes, other carts and yard waste bags/bundles.
  • Wheels should be toward the home with the lid opening in the direction of the street.
  • Containers should not be placed behind vehicles parked on the street. 

Waste Management will not remove trash from trailers, trucks, cars, etc. All trash must be visible from the street, at least three feet away from other objects and not blocked by parked vehicles or other items that may restrict the crew's ability to locate and remove trash.

Removal of Trash Containers

Trash containers cannot be placed in the public right of way for a period exceeding 24 hours prior to collection day and must be removed within 12 hours following collection of trash.

Weekly Limits

The 95 gallon trash cart is the weekly household limit. Any trash over the 95 gallon limit should be bagged and have a prepaid sticker on it. Stickers are available in sheets of 10 for $15 at City Hall or at Price Chopper customer service, 22350 S. Harrison St. Recycling carts should be used strictly for recyclable materials and not for trash, yard waste or hazardous waste.

Customers who would like to request an additional trash cart for a 190 gallon weekly limit can call Utility Billing to set up. Customers will be charged double for double service.

Keeping Your Container Clean and Secure

To keep cans clean and prevent sticky build-up, periodically wash cans with an appropriate household cleaner or disinfectant. You and your refuse worker will be happy you did! Animals may be discouraged from digging in your refuse by adding two tablespoons of household ammonia to your bag or refuse container.

Trash containers should be securely covered at all times. Uncovered containers are a significant source of litter and attract dogs, rodents, flies and mosquitoes. Be especially careful when placing trash cans at curbside. Loose trash is often scattered by the wind, rain and animals before trash collectors arrive. Containing your trash prevents this problem and improves the appearance of the neighborhood.