Pet Licenses


Residents are NOT required to register their cats or dogs with the City of Spring Hill. The registration and fee were repealed in late 2020 by the Spring Hill Governing Body. 

Spring Hill does not have any breed restrictions in place but all animals must be current on rabies vaccinations. When outside, all dogs must be on a leash unless inside a fence or on a secure tie out. 

Two Dog Limit Per Household

Each household is limited to two dogs. To acquire a third dog, please complete the application and contact the City Clerk at (913) 592-3664. Upon application, an Animal Control Officer will come out to view the premises where the animals are to be kept. The special permission shall be issued for the specific animal listed in the application and shall not be transferable to any other animals. No additional dogs may be added to the premises without first applying for and obtaining approval for different animals.

Missing Pets

If your pet is missing, you may call the Spring Hill Police Department at (913) 592-2700. Most lost dogs are taken to Kerry's Kennel, 22367 W. 215th St., where you will need to pay a fine to reclaim your dog.