Utility Bill Appeal Process

The City of Spring Hill offers a utility bill appeal process for customers who have had water leaks or potential problems with their sewer averages. Customers who wish to file an appeal must submit a completed appeal form to City Hall, along with required documentation.

Appeals will not be considered for the previous year's usage, and only one appeal will be considered for any calendar year. The City requires customers pay their outstanding bills during the appeals process unless otherwise indicated. If the appeal is approved, the appropriate adjustment will be applied.

The Finance Director and/or City Administrator are responsible for reviewing and granting all appeals. Appeals are processed on a case-by-case basis, and you may be required to submit additional information to support your claim. The results of your appeal will be mailed within two weeks of our receipt of your appeal form.

Water Leak Adjustments

Your appeal form must be accompanied by documentation showing the leak was repaired (including an invoice from a plumber or a receipt listing parts purchased), the type of leak (toilet, sprinkler system, etc.), and the date the leak was repaired. In addition, the City will need to verify the leak is no longer present before the request can be processed.

Sewer Averaging Appeals

Customers typically request a sewer averaging appeal for one of the following reasons:

  • They had a water leak during the sewer re-averaging period between January and March, which resulted in an increased annual sewer average.
  • They moved into a new home and are being billed for average sewer consumption each month when their average use is less.
  • They live outside the City's water service area and are being billed for the average sewer consumption each month when their actual use is less.

Your appeal form must be accompanied by copies of three consecutive water bills from the three months prior to your appeal.