Snow and Ice Removal

Help us clear your street more quickly

Observant, proactive homeowners help city crews clean snow and ice off our streets more efficiently by observing the following tips:

  • Stay off the roads, if possible. The fewer vehicles on the road, the faster we can get them cleared.
  • Do not park on the Emergency Snow Route, the primary city side streets, or in alleys.
  • Do not park within a cul-de-sac. Due to the size of the snow plow trucks, City crews are unable to safely remove snow from cul-de-sacs where vehicles are parked within the circle. One parked vehicle within a cul-de-sac will prevent that area from being plowed and must be removed before the plow truck can return to the area.
  • Park your vehicle in your driveway and do not allow it to hang into the street.
  • Driveways may be blocked during the snow removal process. Avoid placing snow from your driveway back into the street. Less snow will be pushed into your driveway by the snow plow.
  • Remove portable basketball goals or other structures from the street in order to avoid damage to the truck or portable structures.
  • Stay at least 50 feet from the rear of a plow truck so the driver can see you. If you can't see the driver in his mirrors, he can't see you.
  • To report a missed street, call the Public Works Office at (913) 592-3317.

Emergency Snow Route

When inclement winter weather occurs, primary focus is placed upon clearing the Emergency Snow Route first. View the Emergency Snow Route maps for 2023. Upon determination that the Emergency Snow Route has been completely cleared of snow and ice, City crews will then be dispatched to the other areas of the City — North, South and Central Routes. When necessary, the crews work around the clock plowing snow and applying salt and sand as needed.

It is important when inclement winter weather occurs that residents do not park on the streets within the designated Emergency Snow Route or they are subject to impoundment or disposition of the vehicle as stated under the City's Municipal Code, Chapter 15, Section 15-205.100, Impoundment and Disposition of Vehicles.

Reporting damage from snow plows

City crews will do their best to prevent damage to sod and mailboxes while plowing streets. However, if damage should occur, please call the Public Works office at (913) 592-3317 and a temporary mailbox will be installed. Permanent repairs are generally made within 72 hours. Sod damage is logged at Public Works and reseeding takes place in the spring.

Clearing driveways and sidewalks

The City does not remove snow or ice from sidewalks. Driveways may be blocked during snow removal and we do try to minimize that as much as possible; however, the property owner is responsible for clearing their driveway as well as the sidewalk

About our snow removal operation

The City owns three single-axle dump trucks with salt and sand spreaders and snow plows. The Street Department has three additional detachable snow plows for use on 1-ton trucks. The salt and sand mixture is ordered in September and housed in our salt and sand building in preparation for inclement winter weather. It is replenished throughout the winter months during snow and ice events.