Historic District

Preserving Historic Main Street

Spring Hill residents value the history of their Main Street area, which has been designated by the Kansas State Historical Society as Johnson County's first historic district.
Looking southeast at historic Main Street businesses
Located in the 100 block of South Main, the history of these buildings is available through the Spring Hill Historical Society and the Johnson County Library.

The history left behind by this district's original owners is alive with fascinating stories of intrigue, stamina, and a fun-loving spirit. As an occupant or proud owner of one of these very special buildings, you have a wonderful opportunity to help preserve and maintain one of Spring Hill's most cherished cultural assets.

Since this area is a historic district, the City of Spring Hill strives to maintain a positive historic ambiance in the area. While the following improvements do not require a building permit, the City encourage owners of property in the historic district to make these improvements without lessening the structure's historic look. Although these improvements do not require a building permit, City staff would like to review plans for:
  • Replacing windows
  • Repainting
  • Replacing guttering
  • Reroofing
  • Replacing doors and door frames
Individually, the improvements listed above may not constitute structural exterior changes. They may combine, however, to create a structural change that requires a building permit.

When a permit is required by the City, the Kansas State Historical Society will review it within one week. There are no additional fees for this review. The KSHS may make recommendations to the City regarding the proposed improvements. If there are concerns about the proposal, the City may call on resources provided by other property owners within the district and the Spring Hill Historical Society to mediate an agreement.

Exterior improvements which require a building permit include:
  • Altering a facade
  • Altering signage
  • Replacing awnings
  • Tuck pointing
  • Making structural changes
In addition to the issues surrounding exterior improvements, the City of Spring Hill also requires building permits for electrical, plumbing, and major interior renovations. Permits for interior improvements are issued through City Hall but are not reviewed by the KSHS.

The KSHS offers a multitude of resources. Those resources range from research materials to a preservation guide that assists owners with basic improvement steps. An index of resources through KSHS is available here. Information on the state's preservation laws is available here. There are also a number of financial grants available for historic buildings.

A number of helpful preservation briefs are available through the National Park Service. These briefs cover topics from painting historic interiors to identifying architectural character to rehabilitating historic storefronts and much more.