Community Development

Large equipment on a construction siteThe Community Development department manages the current building and future development of Spring Hill. The department ensures the city's development occurs logically and legally.

Community Development staff:

  • Process building, zoning, and use permits
  • Conduct inspections
  • Review site plans and plats
  • Provide staff reports and analysis for the City Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals
  • Investigate and resolve zoning and codes violations
  • Analyze development proposals
  • Prepare, modify, interpret, and enforce the City Zoning Ordinance, Comprehensive Plan, and Soil Erosion Control Standards

Contact the Community Development Department if you have questions about any of the following: 

  • City building codes
  • Property modification or uses
  • Zoning regulations
  • Building permits
  • Signs
  • Annexation
  • New building construction
  • Temporary uses
  • Fireworks