Accounts Payable

Doing Business with the City of Spring Hill

The accounts payable function is responsible for issuing payment for all city bills. The City of Spring Hill is committed to the timely and accurate processing of all vendor payments.

Payments are approved by the City Council during regularly scheduled Council meetings every second and fourth Thursday.

Vendor Requirements 

As required by the Internal Revenue Service, all vendors must have a current W-9 form on file with the City. The form must be filled out completely and mailed or emailed to the below contact. Failure to comply will result in backup withholding or delay of payment until the W-9 is submitted.

A completed City of Spring Hill W-9 form is available for those companies making payments to the City.

Vendor Payment Options 

The City of Spring Hill offers the option of electronic payment (ACH) to our vendors. If interested, please submit a signed ACH agreement form to the address listed below via mail or email or fax.

Lost Check 

If electing payment in the form of a check, it will be delivered via the United States Postal Service. If for some reason a City-issued check is lost or missing, a duplicate check can be issued by filing an affidavit with the City. Please complete the affidavit form, have your signature notarized and return to the following address:

City of Spring Hill
Attn: Account Payable
PO Box 424
Spring Hill, KS 66030
Fax: (913) 592-5040

Once the notarized affidavit is received in our office, a new check will be processed and mailed.