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Posted on: August 2, 2023

Updates to fees on utility bill payment methods

utility bill payment method fees

The City of Spring Hill is implementing a change on online utility bill payment and credit card payment fees. Residents who choose to pay their City of Spring Hill utility bill through will directly be charged for the applicable fees for that transaction.

These fees do not go to the City of Spring Hill. The secure website that Spring Hill uses to offer an online payment option isn’t free. It charges a $2 fee per transaction. Additionally, the payment processor, which facilitates the transfer of money from the credit card or e-check to the City for bill pay charges a 2.75% fee for credit cards and $1.25 for e-checks. Payments made with a credit card in person at City Hall are also charged a 2.75% fee. The graphics below show examples of how the charges will be itemized in the payment details summary.

These types of fees are standard in online sales and credit card payments. Some businesses itemize this fee on the receipt, while others choose to include it in the overall cost of goods and services, making it less noticeable to consumers.  

credit card fees example

Above: Payments made with a credit card will be charged a fee that is 2.75% of the payment amount from the credit card processor. Every payment made at will be charged a flat $2.00 fee for using the online service.

Below: Payments made with an e-check will be charged a flat $1.25 fee from the e-check processor. Every payment made at will be charged a flat $2.00 fee for using the online service.

e check fees example

Prior to implementing this change, the City was paying around $100,000 of transaction and processing fees per year. Moving forward, residents who choose to pay through or in person with a credit card will pay the fees at the time of the transaction. This change further increases transparency with residents letting them know that their choice of payment method incurs a fee.     

We understand that some residents prefer to avoid fees. For this reason, we offer alternative payment methods without any processing charges:  

  • Pay by Check – Mail your check to P.O. Box 424, Spring Hill, KS 66083, drop it in our drop box behind City Hall off Jefferson St, or pay in person at City Hall.  
  • Pay by Cash – Pay with cash in person at City Hall during business hours.  
  • Automatic Payment Withdrawal – Payments are automatically withdrawn from a bank account. Enroll by simply completing the form and sending it with a voided check to utility billing at or in person at City Hall. (Please note this is different from automatic payments through, which charges the automatic payment to a credit card or e-check and fees would apply. Residents who are currently enrolled in automatic payments through must unenroll themselves before setting up Automatic Payment Withdrawal.)

As the City of Spring Hill grows, we are thrilled to offer online and automated services to our residents for ease and convenience. By shifting the payment of these fees to the residents at the time of the transaction we can allocate resources more efficiently and maintain a tighter, predictable, and balanced budget for the benefit of our community.   

Our goal is to ensure transparency and provide the best service to our community. We want to assure you that we are here to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for your understanding, and we appreciate your continued support as we work to enhance our utility billing system!  

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