Governing Body


The Governing Body is the policy-making body of the City and decides what programs and functions that City government provides, in addition to responsibilities set forth by Kansas Statutes. A Mayor and five City Council Members serve Spring Hill. All are elected to four-year at-large terms.

City Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Spring Hill Civic Center, 401 N. Madison St. Members of the public are encouraged to attend or watch the meetings livestreamed to the City's YouTube channel.

The latest City Council meeting video will appear below.


Advise the Governing Body about any issues, concerns, or comments that you’d like to submit by completing our Contact Form.


Some of the major functions of the City Council include:

  • Passing all ordinances and resolutions
  • Adopting the annual budget
  • Providing the necessary positions for officers to govern the City
  • Authorizing the salaries for all City employees
  • Appointing a City Administrator

The Mayor, by and with the consent of the Governing Body, appoints the members of advisory boards and commissions. 


The City of Spring Hill is seeking applicants for a recently vacated City Council position with a term ending in January 2024. 

Applicants must live in the city limits of Spring Hill, Kansas, and be a qualified elector. Regular meetings are held the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 7 p.m., in the Spring Hill Civic Center, 401 N. Madison St., Council Chambers. Special meetings are held at the call of the Mayor. 

Applications are available here or at City Hall, 401 N. Madison St. Applications will be accepted at City Hall until noon, April 30, 2021 and can be dropped off at City Hall. It is expected that the position will be appointed at the May 13, 2021 City Council meeting. If you need further information, please contact the City Clerk at (913) 592-3664.

Vision Statement 

Spring Hill — A Destination of Choice — Committed to creating a sense of home where its citizens and community leaders partner with a cooperative spirit to create safe, vibrant, family-oriented neighborhoods and thriving business districts. We promote a community of excellence through the sharing of our strengths, a respect for our differences, and a mutual desire to build a foundation upon which our children can build careers, raise their family and create a legacy.